My creepy fall reading list

I am a seasonal reader. By that I mean that there are certain books that demand to be read during a particular season, be it quirky romances in spring or science fiction in the summer. With its mild sunny days and chilly nights struck through with sharp breezes carrying the scent of decaying leaves and cinnamon, fall is the most demanding season of all. Late September always finds me plotting out a list of books that will put me in just the right spirit for the season of Jack-o-Lanterns and ghost stories. readings__1224527389_9277

Like my movies, I don’t like my books to be scary. But I do want a creepy factor, a thick and clawing fog, dead branches scratching on windows, humans who aren’t quite human. There can be ghosts and monsters, sure, but I prefer those books that reveal the spooky wrongness we are all capable of harboring. Where magic is real and coexists in the world we already know, accounting for that weird prickling you feel on the back of your neck or the chill that steals through you on even the warmest days. My fall reads evoke these feelings and leave me looking forward to this season most of all. Well, I look forward to the books as well as to the return of pumpkin beers, hot apple cider and spicy chai lattes.

I thought I would share a list, my good readers, as you build your own TBR list for fall. Some books I plan to read this season, and some are books I’ve already read that fit perfectly into the season. Books I haven’t read (0r haven’t quite finished) are starred. Continue reading