Lifelong learner. Designer. Reader. Cook. Wannabe runner. Amateur photographer. Blogger. Dog mother. Wife. Librarian!

My name is Beth. Welcome to my journey. I spent most of my life in libraries, but it never occurred to me that those librarians who helped me and encouraged me held jobs that I, too, could one day have. Instead I studied journalism, focusing on copy editing and design.

When I used to describe my job, I would tell people that designing pages for newspapers is really all about curating the stories of the day for the reader. I didn’t realize I was using a new buzzword in librarianship until I started researching what I would do in the next phase of my life. Yes, after coming to the heart-wrenching decision that I cannot accomplish what I want to do in this world through journalism, I decided to become a librarian.

My goals aren’t changing. I will still help people by putting the information needed to succeed into the hands of those who need it most. I’ll just be using a new set of tools, tools that I think are even more effective.

I just graduated with my Master of Library Science from the University of Maryland through their online learning program in August 2014. It was the most challenging but awesomely gratifying experience of my life.

This blog will help me organize my thoughts, fears and hopes as I continue on to becoming a librarian and lifelong learner. Join me.


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