Achievement unlocked: Masters of Library Science

Sorry for the radio silence, my virtual friends, but for once I have a good reason! You see, I was writing approximately 35 pages of research and reflection, finishing up my 120-hour field study and creating a poster for that experience. In short, I was completing my Masters of Library Science. Even more exciting is that I’m done. And my preliminary grades have me attaining my personal challenge to myself: Maintain a 4.0, despite working more than full-time hours over the course of your degree. And while I don’t have my paper degree yet, I’m gonna go ahead and call it early: I’m officially a MLS-carrying, awesometastic library professional. And it feels like a mixture of all three of these gifs:

tumblr_mzaarjSWOc1sq5au9o4_250eLkUhJZ tumblr_mlz71pM6fE1rcy99do1_r1_500

And I have one other announcement: I officially have a full-time job as a library assistant! The gig focuses on a mix of reference work, collection development, interlibrary loan and adult programming. Kind of like real library work, right?!? So prepare yourselves for even more stimulating blog posts as I continue my journey into librarianship. Because, I seriously don’t know what else I’m going to do with all this free time I’m about to have!


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