Library Links: On the hunt

As I pursued my Master in Library Science, I often spent time on job sites browsing through advertisements. I wanted to see what jobs were out there, first of all, and what types I might need to get those jobs. As time has gone on, the timing of my visits has gotten more and more frequent as my information gathering became full-on job hunting. But job ads can only tell you so much. This round-up of library links is a list of some recent posts I’ve read about the job hunt itself or ways I can better myself as a librarian.

1) “Square Pegs: On Fit in Hiring Process“: Letters to a Young Librarian, a blog that gathers advice from current librarians to future librarians in one spot, has always been filled with information about being a librarian. From tips to overcoming challenges to explorations of the different roles librarians take, I go to this site often. A recent post discusses how to look for a workplace that you “fit” into, and it’s a timely read. Just last week I found a job post for a private university that had a requirement that spelled out the sort of religion they expect their employees to believe in. That’s a red flag for me.

2) “Researchers’ Corner: A Guide for the Evidence-Based Job Hunter“: Hiring Librarians has been my favorite companion in my long-term job hunt. It is filled with advice from actual librarians who hire other librarians, as well as first-hand accounts from librarians still in the job hunt. This recent post gathers a number of studies done in the last few years about the state of library employment. “Entry Level Job Opportunities for Academic Librarians” made me sad, since that’s basically what I’m looking for and the study concluded that there basically aren’t any.

3) “The Brilliance of Being Earnest – Job Search Edition“: If you’re a librarian looking for a job and you’re not already checking out, you are missing out. The site is a treasure trove of advice, wisdom and job postings. I feel a kinship with a recent blogger, a career-changer like myself, who discusses not always being able to match the requirements of job ads and the importance of being earnest in your job search. I think my favorite thing about being part of a larger blogging community is that I very often stumble upon posts that tell me exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. This is one of those posts.


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