Library Links: Old and New

A librarian helps a little girl in a bright and airy library.
  Image courtesy of Library of Congress.

1) Mental Floss posted a photo essay of librarians and people in libraries. I think it’s great to look back and see how our roles have changed. But it’s also more important than ever to understand that we are still vital. The scenes may have changed somewhat, but librarians are still an essential part of the community.

Library Journal recently archived their webcast, which explores how libraries can create their very own Maker Spaces. Image from Library Journal.

2) Speaking of new roles, a grand experiment being undertaken at many libraries is the creation of a Maker Space. Simply put, Maker Spaces encourage creativity by providing a unique space that provides the technology, software and space for patrons to create whatever interests them. For example, Maker Spaces often have 3-D printers, letting patrons make whatever their hearts desire. However, it can be as simple as space for crafting. Check out Library Journal‘s webcast for more information on making a Maker Space.

3) Paige over at Library Enumerations shared a fun new resource for library outreach/marketing: Snapchat Stories. A service from Snapchat, Stories allows you to take individual photos that are grouped together and sent to your friends. You update it in real-time, which gives life to your narrative She suggests using it to show patrons what you want them to know about your library. Head over to the post for more information and to share your ideas.


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