Summer reading, adult edition

I thought it was high time I wrote about some of the work I’ve been doing in my library recently. Here goes:

Summertime in libraries is pretty much kid central. Children are no longer in school and often the only safe place they can get to is the library. While librarians prefer kids come to the library with adults (we are, after all, not a daycare), there are always events and reading programs that are geared toward both entertaining children and getting them into the library. And don’t get me wrong, this is totally something I support. Get kids into the library! Encourage a love a reading! But not working in the children’s department leaves me feeling left out all summer. Which is why it was fun to learn that one of my libraries is doing an Adult Summer Reading Program.

Literary Elements Adult Summer Reading

Literary Elements Adult Summer Reading

The theme this year is Literary Elements, which brings a scientific spin to the summer reading program. My library is not doing a suggested reading list because we really wanted it to be laid back. No adult wants to take part in something that is just more added work and not fun. However, I’ve seen other libraries doing this program having book talks about the latest scientific literature, which really intrigues me. My library is mainly using the program to give cohesiveness to the signage while encouraging adults to read books and to write reviews of those books. It’s a neat way to involve our patrons in their collection and to hopefully increase circulation. We are also having a scavenger hunt that will encourage people to visit some really cool places in our city. For example, we have an air and space museum that would make a great “staycation” for residents. This kind of outreach is the sort of partnership that really helps the city (who holds the purse-strings) see added value in the role of the library in the community.

So my fun assignment last week was to create a poster that we could then use to display those reader reviews. I wanted to tie the theme of science, specifically the periodic table of elements that is already used in our signage for the program, with the concept of summer. So I came up with a poster showing “Our Favorite Elements of Summer,” with each item displayed in a design that mimics the table of elements, but with a bit more graphic flair. So here it is:

Favorite Elements of Summer poster

Favorite Elements of Summer poster

The biggest challenge was to make the poster attractive, but still leave space to post reader reviews once they start coming in (*fingers crosses* This is our first adult summer reading program in a while!). I just had a lot of fun coming up with my elements. Here are close-ups of some of the “elements”:

My favorite on this side is camping, of course!

My favorite on this side is camping, of course!

And the other side:

Fireflies is my favorite from this side. =D

Fireflies is my favorite from this side. =D

Anyway, there’s my update on one of the many odd duties that fall under my purview, even when they aren’t necessarily in my job description. That’s the great thing about librarianship. You never know what fun things you’ll get to be doing until you get into a library and do them!


2 thoughts on “Summer reading, adult edition

  1. I love it! Great poster, and I especially love that you don’t stick to a specific list of books–great for discovery. Hope you have a successful, busy, and especially fun summer.

  2. My library system is not doing Literary Elements, but the City library is, and I decided to participate. Although, in hindsight I might not have time with my own Spark a Reaction to run now that my librarian status is official.

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