Trust me, I’m (finally) a librarian

Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone!

That’s right, you read the title right. As of today, I am officially a librarian. Okay, well, I’m actually a senior library clerk on the reference desk at a local public library. But close enough, in my book. I’ve got a great deal to learn and I’m excited to share with you some of my experiences. In the next few days I’ll also reflect on how I found the job, what I did to prepare for it, and how I left on a positive note from my previous gig. For now I’ll leave you with this gif that fully illustrates my reaction in the seconds after I heard my new supervisor offer me the job:

credit: epicshenanigansattheirfinest via

I obviously pulled myself together long enough to accept, but I did a second, much more loud and giddy happy dance right after I hung up. The only thing missing from this picture is my dog, circling me in shared celebration. It was definitely a good day.


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