currently // June

On the first of every month I plan to launch a new series called “currently” and inspired by Erin Dorney. As I’m fond of saying, life can be found in and an inspiration for every aspect of librarianship. Let’s inspire each other! Tell me what you’re doing, too.

listening // Pompeii by Bastille + Screen by Twenty One Pilots + The Sore Feet Song by Ally Kerr (made popular by the gorgeous anime, Mushi-Shi)

watching // Original Star Trek movies + Mushi-Shi + Numb3rs.

reading // Bossypants by Tina Fey and a growing backlog of American Libraries, College and Research Libraries and National Geographic.

wanting // these gorgeous hand-painted Toms + this R2D2 wine bottle stopper.

working // on four different applications for various part-time paraprofessional jobs in my area. *fingers crossed*

writing // Cover letters. Not kidding about the whole application marathon.

thinking // about the future of the field as another library prepares to close down in my city

What are you guys doing?


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