Dream Jobs: (Not) A Librarian

This post is part of an ongoing series about interesting and exciting job prospects in the field of library and information science. Join me as I explore the evolving roles librarians fill.

I may be getting a degree in library science, but that doesn’t mean I have to work in a library. In fact, there are a growing number of people that want to see “librarian” stricken from the dictionary of words used to describe what we do. With that in mind, I’m sharing two interesting job posts that ask for people hold library science degrees but that don’t work in a library.

Exhibition Research Assistant

When you think of alternative jobs for information science professionals, “researcher” definitely tops the list. Jobs like this one are exciting because you will be able to do some in-depth research on a particular topic that interests you that will benefit a lot of people. As the officials behind the 9/11 Memorial Museum round the bend in their plans for opening the exhibit, researchers are needed to help supplement the available information. While temporary, the job could offer some great experience and allow you to be a part of something everyone in the country will probably one day see.
While I’m not applying for this job, I can see working for a nonprofit could be a very rewarding job.

Science Informationist

If you’re looking for a job title that has zing, look no further than “informationist.” Part of the growing trend of embedded librarianship, informationists perform many of the behind-the-scenes duties of a librarian (research, data management and collections  management). The key here is that they do it outside a library and as part of a team of experts. This particular job is for a biomedical firm (and requires an advanced degree in a field such as neuroscience), but look for more and more use of the “informationist” title as everyone from research labs to corporate America realize the benefits of having an information expert on staff.

What I am learning is that getting a degree in information and library science right now means that the sky is the limit. Wherever you want to work there will likely be a niche you can carve for yourself. What about you? What’s the most unique, interesting job title you’ve seen listed? I may want to be a librarian, but I know that that word won’t always mean a stern lady in a shrine to books shushing the patrons. I’m excited to see how the meaning of this word and the definition of my future field will evolve.


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