Google Earth and nostalgia

I know I just posted that I really prefer ArcGIS, but after seeing my finished Google Earth map, I really enjoy the look and feel I can achieve with Google Earth. And since the program is free, I really do recommend downloading it and exploring some of the really cool things you can see. For example, you can explore a lamp shop in the medina at Marrakesh, Morocco. That sight brought a fun rush of memories from my exchange visit there in 2007. I may have even been in that particular shop, though the medina is huge with multiple shops offering the same types of wares, so there’s no way to know for sure.

For my Google Earth assignment I decided to explore another bit of my history and present my favorite places in Staunton, VA (where I spent much of my later youth), including the Blackfriar’s Playhouse (a replica of the playhouse where Shakespeare first worked) and Sunspots Studios and Glassblowing (where you can watch glassblowing demonstrations for free). Anyway, I thought I’d share an image of my map with you. It won’t be interactive, since you need Google Earth to see it. If you happen to get Google Earth, let me know and I can send you the KMZ file.

From Gypsy Hill Park to Blackfriar’s Playhouse to Wright’s Dairy Rite, there’s something for everyone in Staunton.

I think the most amazing unintended side-effect of this assignment is that it made me appreciate all the great things my hometown had to offer. It also made me think that as a resource for the public, why can’t libraries offer suggestions for day tours of their area? The idea, of course, would offer a way to get people into the library who might not have gone there otherwise and also let the library publicize the great things about the community that supports it.


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